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Barbara Broccoli speaks out about Fleming, women in filmmaking and 'Skyfall'

20-Aug-2012 • Bond News

The Evening Standard were lucky enough to chat to the co-producer of the 007 films and daughter of the man who started the film franchise, Barbara Broccoli.

Broccoli was born in LA but grew up in London and it is unsurprising that she elected to study film after leaving high school. "I despair because women certainly have their voice in so many other areas. I don’t know why it’s been so difficult to get women into the industry in terms of directing film," says the successful producer. One might think that Broccoli would have low opinion's of Bond's womanising heritage, but she has kind words for his creator, Ian Fleming: "Actually, when you read the early books, and watch the early films, the women were very interesting, exotic, complicated people. I always get into such an issue when I talk about these things,” she adds, knowing any quote will make headlines around the world. “But they were pretty strong in their own right. Yes, okay, Pussy Galore was a pilot and gay, but that was pretty extraordinary for the time, the fact that she fell into bed with Bond.

"And look at Ursula Andress [emerging from the sea in Dr No]. Yes, she’s the most stunningly beautiful person in the whole world but her look was very different to what had come before. First of all, she had a very athletic body, and she was also incredibly natural — no make-up, no false eyelashes. I think that image of natural beauty is one we appreciate."

She explains how it was 007 star Daniel Craig who suggested Sam Mendes helm the 23rd Bond film - "Skyfall" - which coincides with a celebration of 50 years of Bond on screen. "When Daniel suggested him, we were unbelievably thrilled that he would be interested because he is such a fine director."

With Mendes came a stellar lineup of cast and crew. "Javier [Bardem] is really extraordinary in this film and the blonde wig he wears is part of his story. He spends a lot of time creating a character, and it’s something he devised with Sam. It’s very much his mystique - it gives an unnatural element. Javier is a true chameleon. You imagine an actor like that would be very intense all the time, but off duty he’s a delight. Getting up in the morning to go to work to spend the day with Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem is pretty fun,” she teases.

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