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Daniel Craig features on Esquire magazine's October cover (photos)

01-Sep-2012 • Skyfall

The October issue (out now) of Esquire magazine celebrates the best James Bond since Sean Connery.

As Skyfall, Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond, hits the cinemas this Autumn, Esquire spent some downtime with the man who has rekindled our Bond obsession.

And what better way to meet a British icon than over an afternoon pint in a London pub, where he gave us his thoughts on why the Bond series still has us coming back for more.

“I think what’s always fantastic about the Bond stories is that there’s always a darkness involved,” he says, “but it’s a darkness with a sense of humour. A black humour. It’s about danger, but a good danger, because you’re in the hands of somebody who’s saying ‘F**k you’ to risk, ‘F**k you’ to dying.”

Craig also revealed the difference between starring in a behemoth like Bond over his less high-profile roles.

“Bond movies live or die on their popularity. They force you to care about what people think. And I’m involved [in the films] on a very deep level. I have it in my mind all the time…So there’s that kind of pressure, and that’s an enemy in any art form, acting especially.”

And if you wondered how Sam Mendes came to be directing this latest instalment, our cover star had a big hand in that too.

“It’s a very showbizzy story. I was at Hugh Jackman’s house in New York. It was a soiree – we were in a play together – and Sam [film and theatre director Sam Mendes] was there. I’d had a few too many drinks and I went, ‘How do you fancy directing a Bond?’ And he kind of looked at me, and he went, ‘Yeah!’ And it snowballed from there.”

Read the full Daniel Craig interview in the Esquire October issue – out now,

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