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Sony Pictures advising cinemas of 145 minute run time

10-Sep-2012 • Skyfall

MI6 has learned that Sony Pictures are advising cinema chains to schedule 145 minutes for the new James Bond film "Skyfall". This 2 hours and 25 minute estimate does not including trailers or commercials.

The final cut is yet to be submitted to the British Board of Film Classification, but the studio's advice allows theatres to plan accordingly for the longer than usual run time of a major blockbuster.

If this estimate holds true, it puts "Skyfall" on par with Daniel Craig's first outing as 007 in "Casino Royale", which is the longest James Bond movie to date at 144/145 minutes, narrowly beating "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" at 140 minutes.

In stark contrast, the last film "Quantum of Solace" was a brisk 106 minutes.

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