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HMV deny playing 'Skyfall' title song in stores

21-Sep-2012 • Skyfall

Home entertainment retailer HMV have today denied playing the title song to the new James Bond film "Skyfall" in one of its stores.

Earlier, Twitter users claimed that they heard the track, purportedly by Adele, being played at a HMV store in Guildford today. One even claimed it had a "bit of a Living Daylights feel to the music."

A spokesperson for HMV told Capitalfm.com they had contacted the store in question and staff were adamant that the theme tune had not been played on their multi-CD player, which provides all in-store entertainment.

Gennaro Castaldo said: "The only thing we can think of that could feasibly have happened, though none of our staff heard it played - so it sounds very unlikely - is that a member of the public came in and, using their digital device, played a snippet of the song on one of the store's speaker docks, which we stock and the public are free to use/test." He added that this was "very unlikely scenario".

Despite all the rumours, tabloid 'confirmations' and bookmakers already paying out 'winning' bets, the identity of the "Skyfall" title track artist has not been revealed by EON Productions or Sony Pictures. Many speculate that this unveiling will take place on global James Bond day, October 5th.

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