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Richard Kiel chats about the almost-industructable Jaws

03-Oct-2012 • Actor News

Jaws continues to be one of the best known and long-lived icons of the James Bond franchise. Although he appeared in just two 007 screen adventures, he lives on in the videogames, with his latest appearance in "007 Legends", due out this month.

With the hype building around the videogame that reimagines six classic Bond movies for the modern era, Jaws actor Richard Kiel reflected on the character, the series and the forthcoming "Skyfall" in an interview with Total Film.

When we last saw Jaws he was in space. What’s he doing now?
“Well, he’s in the new videogame put out by Activision called 007 Legends so it’s like he’s in another movie. It starts off with the Moonraker mission and the rocket sequences are unbelievable.”

Apart from Jaws, who’s your favourite villain?
“I would have to say Goldfinger. I liked that he had a sense of humour, like when he was using that laser beam cutting through the gold slab, going right towards Bond’s crotch. It was kind of a dry humour.”

What do you make of the direction the Bonds have taken recently?
“I think it was probably time for a change in direction and I like the way Daniel Craig plays Bond. However, I also enjoyed Roger Moore’s suave, debonair personality and I grew up as a young man watching Sean Connery. Each has their own special talent.”

Read the complete interview at TotalFilm.com.

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