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Daniel Craig elaborates on 'classic Bond' comments

12-Oct-2012 • Skyfall

In a new interview with ShortList, 007 star Daniel Craig again spoke about how "Skyfall" will be a 'classic' Bond, but this time, the actor explain a bit more about what that will mean for filmgoers when they settle into the 23rd adventure later this month:

"Sam [Mendes, Skyfall director] and I discussed this for a long, long time and we worked on the script for more than two years. We wanted to make a classic Bond. Not classic as in looking back, but as in something that will stand the test of time. There are major influences from the early Bonds, but it’s set in a very modern world, so it’s kind of throwing those things together. But hopefully not just back to basics – that sounds such a grey kind of thing. I don’t want to be associated with that expression."

Whilst he had a strong influence on the script, on set Craig doesn't try and mix it up: "I maintain you can’t improvise a movie like James Bond. It’s impossible. But if you have a good script, funny moments come out of the situation and you can add to them. There are moments that are not to do with lines; there are looks and feelings."

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