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Daniel Craig goes on the record about MI6 contract story - two more films

14-Oct-2012 • Spectre (2015)

MI6 broke a world exclusive back in September when we revealed that Daniel Craig had extended his original contract and would star in two more films after "Skyfall", bringing his tenure up to a total of at least five outings as 007.

The story quickly spread around the media, and now Daniel Craig has gone on the record with Shortlist to confirm that the report was 100% accurate. Asked "How many more films are you signed up to?", Craig simply confirmed: "Two more."

Sony have also extended their commitment to team with MGM on co-financing the next two outings with Craig.

A total of five outings would make him the third longest serving James Bond actor in terms of films produced, but Craig has already clocked up six years in the role over three movies, longer than the time it took Sean Connery to make five.

Sony have stated they want Bond 24 to be released in late 2014, but EON Productions have cautioned that this may be too aggressive a schedule.

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