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Barbara Broccoli - I actually slept in Sean Connery's bed

14-Oct-2012 • Bond News

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli was only 7 years old when she traveled with her father Cubby Broccoli to Japan whilst Sean Connery filmed his fifth 007 adventure "You Only Live Twice" in 1967, and she has revealed why she will forever be indebted to the former Bond actor.

Connery had a special bed shipped to the remote island off the coast of Japan, where the cast and crew were staying, and when he learned that Cubby's young daughter was ill, he offered to sleep on the floor.

She recalls, "I got very sick... My parents thought I had sleeping sickness."

"The only thing to sleep on were traditional bed mats, no western beds. The only western bed had been shipped in for Sean Connery by the production and he went to my mother and said, 'Look, you have a sick child, take my bed.'

"So I actually slept in Sean Connery's bed, which I'm very happy to say!"

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