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Producers confirm Bond 24 pre-production already underway

15-Oct-2012 • Spectre (2015)

Book-ending the special 007 segment in last night's edition of '60 Minutes' on CBS in the USA celebrating the 50th anniversary of James Bond was talk of the next adventure after "Skyfall", Bond 24.

Host Anderson Cooper confirmed that pre-production work is already underway on Bond 24, although producers were giving him no details.

The segment wrapped with the following exchange:

Anderson Cooper: Where does Bond go from here? I mean he's sort of done it all.

Michael Wilson: That statement could have been made 20 years ago and been just as valid as it is today.

Anderson Cooper: How much longer do you think you can keep on going?

Barbara Broccoli: As long as audiences want to come see the movies, we'll make them.

Thanks to `Risico007 ` for the alert.

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