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Q adds a sly sense of humour to 'Skyfall', says Ben Whishaw

18-Oct-2012 • Actor News

The youngest and newest "Q" to grace the screens in an official Bond film is Ben Whishaw, famed for "The Hour" and "The Hollow Crown".

He recently spoke to Flicks and Bits about his character.

Playing this new incarnation of Q, how do you perceive him? He’s very much rooted in this modern world of 007...
Ben Whishaw: Yeah. He’s the new breed really, he’s the new breed of intelligence. It’s terrifying, and this is why I think ‘Skyfall’ is such an exciting film, the terror, it’s largely conducted through cyber space and a kind of cyber warfare. This Q, the new Q, he is a sort of computer genius, one of only six people in the world who has certain knowledge. He’s quite a mysterious person with a sly sense of humour.

Is characteristics play a part with one of the themes in ‘Skyfall’ as well...?
Ben Whishaw: Yeah. Q sort of represents something in ‘Skyfall,’ one of the conflicts in the film, which is between the “old” and the “new”. It’s a battle and a theme that runs through ‘Skyfall,’ between the way the world is going now and the way that the intelligence services are traditionally run. He’s one of the pieces that represents that.

Read the complete interview over at flicksandbits.com.

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