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Director Sam Mendes talks about his approach to 'Skyfall'

19-Oct-2012 • Skyfall

"Skyfall" director Sam Mendes has given a candid interview to Time Out magazine about how is approached the daunting task of helming a James Bond movie.

Asked how much freedom he had to take ‘Skyfall’ where you wanted, Mendes said:

‘You know what the givens are: three action sequences, girls and glamorous locations. So it’s like being handed the furniture to a house and being told, “Right, now find a house that fits the furniture.” And, if you’re not careful, you make a fucking ugly house. To torture the metaphor, I decided to put all my furniture in storage for six months, and build the house that I wanted to see, and then I tried to work the two together.

‘So, for me the job was: find a story for Bond, and then find a way to marry that with the necessities of the franchise, which is a different thing. One of the great things when you read the Ian Fleming novels is that Bond has a personal journey in all the good ones, the early ones. That’s why “Casino Royale” was so fantastic: he has this journey and it was because it was based on one of the best Fleming novels.’

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