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Naomie Harris reveals the moment she got her 'Skyfall' call

21-Oct-2012 • Skyfall

In an interview with The Sun, Naomie Harris talked about her status as a Bond Girl, “It’s amazing to be at this point. I can’t really describe it."

“I would fantasise as a kid and this is the life I always wanted to lead. To be here is extraordinary. How different is it from my early life? Very different.”

“Getting to travel around the world and go to glamorous locations is certainly not what I had as a kid. I never ever thought I would be a Bond girl. I certainly didn’t think I would be playing one aged 35. I didn’t think I would ever get that call but I am loving it.”

“I remember the day I found out I’d got the part very clearly. I was in Washington at the Kenyan embassy promoting another film I had done.
I got the call from my agent and I remember being so excited and screaming, ‘You’re kidding me, you’re kidding me’ about 15million times down the phone. But it was really frustrating because, at that stage, I couldn’t tell anybody.”

Click here to read the full interview (warning: the headline contains a large spoiler).

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