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Mya Harrison talks more about her involvement in `Everything or Nothing`

30-Dec-2003 • Gaming

Mya Harrison, who plays Agent Mya Starling in the forthcoming Bond game "Everything or Nothing" has talked about her involvement with the production to GamePro.

How’s life as a Bond Girl?
Mya: I’m not complaining. It’s pretty good. I’m getting lots of nice games and getting to play the video game before it hits stores so I’m having a good time right now.

Now you’ve been in films such as Moulin Rouge and Chicago. How does acting in a film compare to acting in a video game?
Mya: Well, I don’t really have to do anything other than voiceovers as far as acting in a video game is concerned. I’m not there on set emulating body movement, nothing like that. It’s all left up to the animators. I basically hit the studio, do my voiceovers -- maybe record each line 50 times for different inflections, but that’s about it. They basically take a cyberscan of you, from your chest to your face, and they leave the body parts up to the animators. You are required to give a little bit of facial expression -- showing anger, showing desperation, showing different kinds of moods. That’s it.

As someone who is a gamer as well as a singer and actor, what was the best part of the whole experience?
Mya: Can I be honest?
Yeah, what was the most fun?
Mya: I liked the voiceovers. I laughed a lot in that session, even though I had to get violent and evil. I got to scream from the bottom of my lungs over and over again. I thought that was really stress relieving. When I walked into that session I had no clue what I would be doing, but when I came out I just felt a release of something. That was the hottest part.

There was a coincidence that happened -- Shannon Elizabeth, she’s also a Bond girl -- we`re doing a movie together now. That sort of just happened out of the blue. I don’t know if they knew about it, but we’re in the Bond game and a movie called Curse together.

"Everything or Nothing" is released in North America on February 10th 2004, and in Europe on Feburary 20th 2004.

Click here to view the pictures MI6 released of Mya in the studio performing her voice-overs back in October.

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