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No inside joke about VW Beetles being destroyed in 'Skyfall'

14-Nov-2012 • Skyfall

When it came to destroying a set of vehicles on in the pretitles sequence of the new film "Skyfall", producers had a quandary - which car should they choose to see obliterated?

Fans of the VW Beetle are left wincing during the action packed opening as they are crushed by Bond on his excavator, but producer Barbara Broccoli insists there is nothing sinister about the selection.

"There is no inside joke here...no hidden message" Broccoli told USA TODAY. "We thought it would be fun to crush a bunch of cars. And visually, they are just great cars. They look terrific."

"We try to create an exciting action sequence," she said. "We picked some cars, and they happen to be Beetles. I think it works really well."

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