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'Seven Wonders of Bond' with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2

16-Nov-2012 • Media Alert

Programme: "Seven Wonders of Bond"
Channel: BBC Radio 2 (UK)
Time: 22:00
Date: Wednesday 21st November 2012

To mark the 50th anniversary of Britain's greatest movie export, Chris Evans celebrates the seven wonders that have helped James Bond become one of the most popular movie franchises of all time.

As we focus on the key aspects of Bond's success we'll discover the passions of the men behind it - Albert Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and Ian Fleming - and examine the franchise's relationship with fans and the film industry.

Bond: Chris explores what each of the actors have brought to the role and what it is about the character and personality of Bond that is so enticing.

Locations: the Bond films are famed for their exotic back drops and Chris considers how the locations used have contributed to the wonder of the series.

Cars: Chris follows his own passion for cars, as he goes beyond the Aston Martin to discover the motors that have played key roles in the movies.

Bad Guys: Bond's nemeses are as iconic as the man himself, so Chris aims to discover the inspiration behind some of these villains.

Music: the soundtracks are as famous as the movies, with iconic stars such as Dame Shirley Bassey, Sir Tom Jones and Sir Paul McCartney, to name a few. But what makes a Bond song, and what does it feel like to be asked to compose one?

Gadgets: 007 has always been privy to the latest in spy technology and Chris celebrates the most important and innovative among them.

And finally, the Girls, who have a fan base to rival Bond. Chris salutes these iconic ladies and the actresses that have played them.

Each virtue of the franchise is celebrated, as famous faces and those who've been behind some iconic moments of movie history, share their experiences.

Thanks to `Whitaker1987 ` for the alert.

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