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Gary Powell talks car stunts and the classic DB5 in a new interview

18-Nov-2012 • Bond News

Chatting to tech website IT Pro Portal, says Gary Powell, "Skyfall" stunt coordinator.

"One of the biggest pieces of technology we use is this thing called the pod, which basically is a pod that sits on top of the car, and it allows the stunt guys to drive the car while the actors are inside it, acting," says the stunt man turned coordinator. "And it allows us to make the cars go a lot faster, put them more right on the line doing action. You have to [make sure] the actors inside are totally safe; they're concentrating on their acting. All the mechanics inside the car [are] connected, so if they pull the steering wheel the wrong way, it's not going to affect the car or anything like that. For us, that is a huge help, because we can put the camera in better places, we can put the actors in better action scenes, so it really helps us out."

Of the DB5, Powell explains, "It's a flashy piece of Bond history. The diehard fans love it when that car turns up, and the new ones — it's an introduction for them. We've got new technology now where we can still put that car there with the machine guns and all that sort of stuff, and it really just adds to the film. It's actually one of our favourite parts of the film is when that car turns up. It sort of becomes a James Bond film totally. It's great to have those sort of cars around."

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