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'Bond Songs Are Forever' on BBC Radio 2 this Thursday night

18-Nov-2012 • Media Alert

What: Bond Songs Are Forever
Channel: BBC Radio 2
Date: Thursday 22nd November 2012
Time: 22:00

The Oscar-winning lyricist Don Black, explores what makes a great Bond song and he should know, he's penned the lyrics to more Bond songs than anyone else.

Collaborating with composer John Barry, Don wrote Thunderball, Diamonds Are Forever, The Man With The Golden Gun and, with David Arnold, The World Is Not Enough.

50 years ago Monty Norman wrote the James Bond theme. And, if you hum the "dum da-da da dum dum", you're transported into the world of Secret Agent 007.

Ask anyone, worldwide, what their favourite Bond Theme is and they'll probably have one. The songs and the themes are among the most instantly recognisable pieces of film music ever written.

With the extraordinary success of the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, it seems this incredibly successful film franchise is more important than ever.

Before Adele's latest theme to Skyfall, the 22 songs have received more than 80 million plays in the UK, so it's no wonder they become standards. In this next hour Don will try and figure out what makes a great Bond song.

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