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Three DLC packs for '007 Legends' game released for free

24-Nov-2012 • Gaming

Three DLC 'add on' packs for the latest James Bond videogame "007 Legends" have been released for free on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace.

Grab them quickly as there is no guarantee how long they will remain available.

007 Pack
Players will be able to dress for success in split-screen multiplayer mode with an exclusive James Bond character outfit, and additionally, use the most famous of James Bond’s handguns – the Walther PPK pistol. With the 007 Pack, fans also get early access to the Fast Switch gadget, which increases weapon swap speed by 50%.

Nemesis Pack
Play 007 Legends through the eyes of two notorious Bond rivals – Jaws and Baron Samedi. With the Nemesis Pack, gamers get to play as Moonraker’s space-suited henchman or Live and Let Die’s voodoo king sporting his iconic skeleton paint in the Legends and multiplayer split-screen modes.

Stealth Pack
Increase Melee Range With The Long Reach Gadget And Use The Acute Hearing Gadget For More Radar Visibility To See Silenced Weapons And Louder Enemy Footsteps.

Thanks to `oo7` for the alert.

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