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New videos and screenshots from `Everything or Nothing` online

10-Jan-2004 • Gaming

It has been a while since anything new came out of the "Everything or Nothing" fold, but this weekend two new sneak peaks at the latest Bond game are available online.

IGN have three new videos showing off some of the vehicular action gamers will enjoy in February:
- We love destruction (Platinum tank)
- Blow it all up (Platinum tank)
- Bond has a need for speed (Aston Martin Vanquish)
Click here for the video download page on IGN.

The official site has updated in the New Year with a sprinkling of screenshots from the next generation consoles, although which platform is which is not stated.

Among the shots are better close-ups of the main cast members from the game and cinematic cut scenes, plus a good look at the Platinum Tank which 007 will be driving through Moscow in the game`s climatic battle.
- Shooting
- Cinematics II
- Q`s Lab
- Vehicles

Thanks to WaltherP99PPK and Melancholy Productions for the alerts.

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