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James Bond awarded by the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association

03-Jan-2013 • Bond News

James Bond 007 has been honoured by the MIPAA (Motor Industry Public Affairs Association) for his efforts in promoting the motor industry on film over the last 50 years. The accolade has previously been received by Boris Johnson, Robert Llewellyn, Chris Evans, Ken Gibson, Lord March, Ewan McGregor / Charlie Boorman, and Jeremy Clarkson.

Accepting the award on behalf of EON Productions, Ben Collins, Stunt Driver for Skyfall said: “EON Productions has enjoyed a long and close relationship with the motor industry and Skyfall is the latest example of how vehicles represent a key element in the franchise. EON is delighted to receive this award from MIPAA and looks forward to more fast paced adventures ahead.”

MIPAA Chairman, Al Clarke praised EON Productions for its global showcase of vehicles:

“James Bond has probably done more to raise the profile of vehicles than any other single character in the history of film. He has driven and crashed his way through a fleet of vehicles that would make any insurance broker weep, let alone Q. Along the way EON productions has given a showcase to cars, buses, motorcycles and commercial vehicles of all types to billions of people across the world. The 2012 MIPAA Chairman’s Award is presented to James Bond in recognition of the remarkable visibility given to the wide range of products manufactured by the motor industry.”

The Award was presented on 11 December 2012, at the annual MIPAA Christmas lunch, organised in partnership with Newspress.

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