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Sir Roger Moore films 'The Saint' cameo and talks 'Skyfall'

09-Feb-2013 • Bond News

Former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore and his eldest son, Geoffrey, are co-producers on an American television remake of The Saint - the television show that made him a household name.

The British series, based on the novels by Leslie Charteris, occupied seven years of the actor’s life during the Sixties.The pilot for the new series is an altogether glossier affair that has been filming in LA, San Diego and now Gstaad, where Moore is shooting a cameo. British actor Adam Rayner has taken on the title role. (“He’s younger and better looking. I hate him,” jokes Moore)

The new incarnation will be grittier than the original, yet still harks back to a more innocent age of television. “Mind you, in my day Simon Templar wasn’t even allowed to own a gun, and though he had a knife, you weren’t allowed to see it up against someone’s face.”

Not that Moore is a spokesperson for the past. After all, Daniel Craig, he says, is far and away the best Bond. “His performance is harder and grittier than the rest of us. I was more a lover than a killer. But his Bond is totally in keeping with the times. When he was first cast, I thought he’d be a disappointment. 'You can’t have a blond Bond’ and all that nonsense. But he was wonderful. Such a fine actor. I’m delighted he’s been such a huge success, and in Skyfall, especially, I thought he nailed it.”

Click here to read the complete interview at The Telegraph.

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