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Lana Wood recalls a hairy moment on the set of 'Diamonds Are Forever'

01-Apr-2013 • Bond News

The 67 year old star and sister of Natalie Wood shot to fame appearing as one of Bond's flings, Plenty O'Toole, in "Diamonds Are Forever". It quickly became common knowledge that the Bond star, Sean Connery, and the new-commer were conducting a romantic affair off camera, as well as on.

Lana's character meets a watery grave when Vegas gangsters drown O'Toole in a swimming pool. The sequence was shot partly on location in Vegas and partly back at the wet tank of Pinewood Studios.

Wood, who did the downing scene herself, recently told the media: "In the film I was supposed to die by having my ankles tied to a block of cement – and I nearly did. That was tough. It was me at the scene where I’m finally killed and that was tougher to do because they actually tied my ankles to a block of cement."

"The longer I stayed in, the block of cement kept moving, and pretty soon I couldn’t reach up for the rope to pull my nose and mouth free to breathe, so they had to dive in and cut me free real fast. So after that I said give me a scuba tank."

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