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Bond and other spy-fi blamed for poor public perception of cybercrime

08-Apr-2013 • Bond News

One of the key barriers to battling cybercrime is public awareness of it's limitations, says a new Warwickshire Police report.

Mark Glazzard, Detective Inspector, says the films like Mission Impossible and the Bond franchise exaggerate techno-crimal abilities. Bond is perhaps notorious for glossing over the facts of the villains drastic schemes and prone to entertainment over reality. The ultra-succesful 23rd Bond outing, "Skyfall", is no exception, with Silva's plan relying heavily on technology to infiltrate MI6's data centres.

"The public have been brought up on a diet of James Bond, CSI and Mission Impossible films and programmes. Their expectations with regard to complex, international crime investigation may be unrealistic," writes Glazzard.

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