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Danny Boyle reveals the Queen insisted on a photo with Daniel Craig

11-May-2013 • Bond News

As director Danny Boyle is doing the rounds to promote his new film "Trance", more tidbits about the filming of the Olympic opening ceremony stunt with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and James Bond actor Daniel Craig are coming to light.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Boyle reveals that the Queen was keen for her and her staff to make the most of 007's visit to Buckingham Palace.

"She wanted her staff to have a day out with a movie star. And so we did!" Boyle grins.

"Daniel came, and he’s a movie star! He’s James Bond! Everybody can get their picture taken…" Did the Queen cosy up with Daniel Craig for a pic, too? "Absolutely!" laughs Danny Boyle. "Yeah! But she was very, very keen and insistent that her staff did as well. I liked that about her very much. You thought, yeah, that’s decent, looking after them like that. And we had a lovely afternoon filming with the two of them."

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