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Christopher Nolan rumoured to be in 'informal' talks with Bond producers

17-May-2013 • Spectre (2015)

The "The Dark Knight" director is reasonably frequently embroiled in Bond rumours and has in the past openly discussed his appreciation of the Bond film franchise and claimed that elements of "Inception" were inspired by 007.

Now, Baz Bamigboye - writer for the Daily Mail who accurately predicted a number of key elements of the "Skyfall" production - has heard rumours that Nolan's people are in talks with the Bond producers.

It's a remote possibility that Nolan could actually helm 007's 24th adventure, as he currently has commitments to his own feature, "Interstellar", but the Mail have an "insider" on record as saying: ‘It does no harm for Broccoli and Wilson to talk with Nolan, even if nothing happens this time round.’

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