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Henry Cavill says Bond doesn't need to be British forever

13-Jun-2013 • Bond News

The new Superman star, Henry Cavill, has told the media that he thinks Bond's casting as typically British is likely to change.

The Jersey-born actor plays American Clark Kent - but could an American play 007? Cavill seems to think so.

"As long as I can do it (play Clark Kent) convincingly, as long as I can play an American well enough, then I'm okay with that."

"I wouldn't mind if an American played Bond, as long as he's good and played the role right."

Cavill was famously pipped to the 007 role by incumbent Bond star, Daniel Craig. Last year Martin Campell went on the record to explain that Cavill had performed admirably in his screen test and it had been a close run thing between him and Craig.

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