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Toby Stephens confesses to typecasting worries after 'Die Another Day'

27-Jul-2013 • Actor News

The acclaimed stage actor took the role of villainous Gustav Graves in the outlandish 20th Bond adventure, "Die Another Day". Since then, Stephens tells The Telegraph, he has been trying to live it down.

"After [Die Another Day], I felt, 'I don’t want to do this any more because it uses about that much of my band-width,” Stephens gestures to show how little of his acting talent was absorbed by the toffy role of Graves.

He adds: “Film and TV people go, 'You do that kind of thing,’ and that’s where they want to keep you.’ ”

Similarly, in another interview with the Guardian, the actor says: "I was endlessly playing villainous, smug, posh guys on telly, because I'd played a Bond villain [in Die Another Day]. I've only managed to break out of it in the last three years – I changed my agent, and got a break in America with this pirate thing."

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