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Bond composer David Arnold talks about 007 and his latest projects

07-Aug-2013 • Bond News

David Arnold sat down with The Guardian this week to talk about his career and upcoming projects in a wide-ranging interview.

On the subject of 007, Arnold tells the story about how he landed the first of five Bond gigs with "Tomorrow Never Dies" in 1997.

The original Bond composer John Barry, who was introduced to Arnold by George Martin and recommended him as his successor, told him: "Do whatever you like but never forget: it must always be all about cock." "He might have had a drink and he might have been joking," says Arnold, who was closely involved in a tribute concert to Barry after his death two years ago. "But if you look at the songs you think, perhaps he's right."

Arnold was not involved in the latest Bond film, Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes (who will also direct the next one, the 24th) and scored by his long-time collaborator, Thomas Newman. "I always said after every Bond there's absolutely no guarantee you would get the next one," says Arnold. "I absolutely expected Sam to use Tom. The thing has to move on, otherwise it ends up stagnating. There are still other things I could do with it, things that we started in Quantum of Solace, but that story is kind of gone. Sam's thing is different."

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