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One of Sky TV's IT support team reveals 'Skyfall' cameo

10-Aug-2013 • Skyfall

In an unlikely turn of events Sid Man, who does Mac tech support for Sky TV, got up close and personal with 007 star, Daniel Craig, whilst he filmed "Skyfall" last year.

The IT expert began his moonlighting career as a film extra on "47 Ronin", the Keanu Reeves starrer. Once he caught the acting bug he badgered his agent to get him on the new Bond flick.

"Originally they were asking me to be a bodyguard - one of the two or three guys guarding the casino. I would have been fighting Bond...and trying to avoid the lizards," Man shares with the Sky News.

In the end he got the opportunity to bring 007 his winnings at the Macau casino, a scene shot on set at Pinewood studios.

"I eventually managed to get onto the casino scene. I ended up in front of the first assistant director who looked me up and down and said: 'You'll do'. I said 'alright, what am I going to do' and got pushed in front of [director] Sam Mendes, who was shooting that scene himself."

"The actual scene where I handed the brief case over to Bond took about two hours. Daniel Craig was very intensKA Skyfalle and, because it was so close to finishing the movie, he never really came out of being Bond. He stayed Bond. But he was also quite funny."

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