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Halle Berry told to 'be sexier' whilst filming Bond Girl scenes

11-Aug-2013 • Bond News

Halle Berry may be often voted one of the sexiest women in the world, but director Lee Tamahori thought she could try harder during filming of "Die Another Day" back in 2002.

Whilst filming her emergence from the sea in Cadiz, Spain (in a nod to the famous Ursula Andress moment), Berry was given orders by Tamahori that would leave most red-blooded males a little perplexed.

She told Total Film magazine: ''The sea was freezing! I had to do it quite a few times too. I went in the water and I went out the water. Then I had to walk up the beach in a 'certain way'."

She continued: ''They kept saying, 'Can you be sexier?', and I was like shouting back at them, 'this is all the sexy I got! I'm gonna get hip dysplasia if I try and make it any sexier!'"

Asked about the current 007, Berry told the magazine: ''I thought that [Daniel's emerging from the sea shot] was pretty sexy. I was like, good for him! I worked with Pierce, so I'll always have my favourite...''

Halle also revealed that she hasn't always dreamed of being a Bond girl, because she wasn't allowed to watch the movies during her childhood, she continued: ''My mother thought the Bond films were too adult for me to watch when I was growing up, so I never really had a chance to think about it. It was only as I got older I became aware of Bond.''

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