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HMSS weblog celebrates fifth anniversary

18-Aug-2013 • Bond News

The HMSS Weblog, a spinoff of the Her Majesty’s Secret Servant Web site, this year marks its fifth anniversary. The blog was originally envisioned as a way for HMSS to maintain a presence between issues of the e-magazine. The first post on OCT. 8, 2008, concerned an omnibus of three Raymond Benson James Bond novels.

Unlike most fan sites that repeat common coverage of the franchise, HMSS always strives to be a little different. Sometimes it’s a reappraisal (essentially a re-review) of films such as "Quantum of Solace", "Live And Let Die" and "Octopussy".

Sometimes, there are posts about major anniversaries of Bond films or other spy-related entertainment. At the moment, it's the place for Bond fans to keep tabs on the UNCLE movie development.

Click here for the anniversary post with lots of links to key features over the past five years.

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