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Tabloids spread false story of Sean Connery Alzheimer fears

26-Aug-2013 • Actor News

Tabloids such as the Daily Mail today spread an unconfirmed quote in a German paper as a major story about fears over Sir Sean Connery and Alzheimers without any fact checking or due diligence and got called on it by his publicist.

Sensationalizing a supposed quote from Connery's long time friend Michael Caine published by the paper Bild am Sonnta in Germany this weekend, the Mail hyped up the story to claim that the former 007 was losing his memory and there was serious concerns over his health.

Sir Sean’s publicist, Los Angeles-based Nancy Seltzer, suggested last night that Caine may have been misquoted.

Ms Seltzer, who described the story as “ridiculous”, added: “This is truly silly and nonsense.”

The Mail has since removed the story from its online edition but has not issued a retraction or apology.

Update: “It’s all bullshit, completely preposterous,” Sir Michael Caine told the Daily Mirror. “I did some interviews over in Germany for a new film and I can only assume someone has twisted my words or got the wrong end of the stick. I haven’t seen Sean for a couple of years, but my wife and I spoke to him on the phone on his birthday this week and he was very well. He was fine, in complete control of his senses and his usual self. This stuff about Alzheimer’s is just nonsense. I have no idea where they are getting it from.”

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