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Sesame Street reveals 007 parody: 'The Spy Who Loved Cookies'

15-Sep-2013 • Bond Style

The great muppet entertainers at Sesame Street have gone to town in a cheesy (or should we say crummy?) parody of Ian Fleming's super spy. The short film opens with a gun barrel that introduces the hero: Double-Stuffed-Seven.

It transpires that evil villainess, Lady Finger, has stolen the crown cookies. The agency's finest were not available to pursue the burglar, so Cookie Monster would have to do.

A new season of "Sesame Street" is scheduled to start on Monday, September 16.

"These parodies ... [are] really for the adult, to draw the adult in," Dr. Rosemarie Truglio explains, saying her team hopes for a "co-viewing situation" with grown-ups and kids. If that happens, adults can hopefully "reinforce these strategies when they are with their child or a classroom of children."

Watch the Cookie Monster 007 parody below:

Thanks to `Josh` for the alert.

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