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Irish media claim Bond 24 prospects, in reality a diplomatic answer

16-Sep-2013 • Spectre (2015)

When you invite a world famous movie producer and leading screenwriter to your nation's film industry event and publicly ask them if they would consider your homeland as a potential location in the next installment of their blockbuster franchise, what do you expect them to say in front of a patriotic crowd?

That's what happened this weekend at the Institute of Directors event in Dublin hosted to support the Irish film industry when Barbara Broccoli and writer John Logan were asked about 007 potentially visiting their country in the next adventure.

Cue the national press going ga-ga over the prospects: "Hopes rise next James Bond film will be shot in Ireland" reads the headline on the Irish Times.

Screenwriter John Logan is "going to be based in Ireland until next March as he is the creator and producer of the €25 million gothic horror television series Penny Dreadful for Showtime", the paper reports. It is being shot in Ardmore Studios and is partially funded by the Irish Film Board international production fund.

Logan said the script for the Bond 24, which is not due out until November 2015, is “in process”.

The paper kept national hopes up by adding that "he would be using his time in Ireland to 'soak up the local colour now that I’m here' with a view to including the country as a location in the next film."

When asked, Barabara Broccoli diplomatically replied that if Logan includes it in his next script “we’ll come here. Ireland is gorgeous. I’d love to come here and make a Bond film.”

Thanks to @bondmemes for the alert.

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