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Great new `Everything or Nothing` trailer video now online, featuring behind the scenes clips

28-Jan-2004 • Gaming

IGN have released a great new teaser trailer for "Everything or Nothing".

It features some behind the scenes snippets of the cast, along with new clips from some of the many cut-scenes from the new game, due out in February 2004.

Right click this link, and select "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu in your web browser to save the 8.3mb video.

Some of the quotes from the trailer:

Nadanova: "I think she`s fallen for you James."

Q: "And the spide-cam now carries an explosive. Press the button and...boom!"

M: "Excellent work rescuing Dr. Nadanova, 007. However we have a new crisis on our hands."

Click here for "Everything or Nothing" coverage on MI6.

Thanks to Melancholy Productions for the alert.

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