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Dame Judi Dench says she was 'spoiled' with roles in seven 007 adventures

23-Oct-2013 • Actor News

The British actress who has appeared as James Bond's stern but respectable boss, "M", in seven adventures over seventeen years, admits she was spoiled by the filmmakers, but that the time to leave the franchise was ripe.

"You know, I had a wonderful time, but you have to be realistic. Would MI6 really not have given me the push by now," the 78 year-old actress quipped.

She expresses gratitude for such a powerful and iconic role being open to someone of her age and gender.

"There aren’t [enough roles], considering the amount of people who are my age. But then there never have been. Look at Shakespeare: there aren’t enough women parts in Shakespeare. You feel very, very lucky if you get to play any. You feel very lucky indeed."

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