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'Designing 007' curator talks to media ahead of the exhibition's Australian opening

25-Oct-2013 • Bond Style

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke to Bronwyn Cosgrave, the New York based fashion designer and curator of the world-touring 'Designing 007' exhibition that first opened at London's Barbican in 2012 to celebrate 50 years of Bond.

"Ian Fleming wrote the Bond novels to allow the everyday post-war man in England to travel from his armchair," she says. "Before the scripts based on Fleming's books were written, the film producers would go location scouting and then, when the books ran out, they needed to find ever exciting locations, even going as far as the moon [in Moonraker starring Roger Moore]."

And commenting on if, and when, 007 would touch down on the Australian continent, Cosgrave says: "Fleming was a bit of a snob and wanted to send Bond to all sorts of places he wanted to go to himself. I'm a Canadian and the series has never shot in Canada either - apart from standing in for Austria in The Spy Who Loved Me. I'm not sure Fleming thought much of the colonies."

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