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Roger Moore returns in The Saint, series gets green light (video)

01-Nov-2013 • Actor News

A little seen promo video for a new remake of The Saint, the television series that made Roger Moore a global star in the 1960s, packs a little surprise for fans.

In the teaser video, which is cut from a pilot episode shot earlier this year, Sir Roger makes an appearance as an elder member of the Templar family.

The title character, which has been played in the past by Sir Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy, Val Kilmer, George Sanders and Simon Dutton has been brought up to date with a dramatic pilot which the cast and crew hope will result in a full series being commissioned. British actor Adam Rayner takes over the famous role opposite Eliza Dushku as his on/off love interest Patricia Holm.

Although often on the wrong side of the law, Templar targets those ‘with a lesser moral code than his own’ which include corrupt politicians, slave traders and warmongers. An inspiration for the character seems to have been Robin Hood and there are references in the books to him taking a 10% collection fee from his victims to cover his expenses with the remainder either returned to the owners, donated to charity, shared between his colleagues or even a combination of all three.

Officially, the show has yet to be sold to a US network, but Sir Roger Moore has divulged that the series has been given a green light and production will start soon. He is a co-producer on the series alongside his son Geoffrey Moore.

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