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Sir Roger Moore chats with the BBC as his UK tour kicks off

02-Nov-2013 • Bond News

Sir Roger Moore is touring the UK again in a warm up of his upcoming autobiography 'One Lucky Fellow' (or 'One Lucky Bastard' is his publishers allow it). He spoke to the BBC at the start of his 'Audience With...' tour:

You must enjoy meeting your fans, since you've committed to another tour.
I'm warming them up for my new book that's going to come out next year! I haven't had full approval from all the publishers, but it's going to be called One Lucky Bastard.

It occurred to me when I was halfway through the book - which was going to be called something like Moore on Bond, or Moore or Less - it suddenly struck me I have been exceedingly lucky, so I think that's what I have to call myself.

Are there any questions you always get asked that make you internally give a bit of a sigh?
It's always which leading lady did you like the most? Or what's the best Bond film you've made? What's your favourite Bond gadget? Or Bond girl? You always have to look surprised - as if you've never been asked that question before.

Is there anything you won't answer?
I won't give my phone number out!

You said in 2009 you'd retired from acting but you've just made a pilot for a new version of The Saint - do you think you ever will really give it all up?
There's an old saying that actors don't retire until the phone stops ringing. It depends on what there is for an old gentlemen to do. I'm not about to run around and do acrobatics, so if I can find something witty to do, I'd love to do it.

How is the pilot coming along - has it been picked up yet?
From the last email I've had, it has had the go-ahead. I will make the odd appearance - I play a sort of rather mysterious man who is on the end of a telephone or will suddenly arrive where The Saint is and give him his opinion.

How technically literate are you?
Moderately - I know there's a switch that's on and off! When people ask me what would I have done if I hadn't been an actor, I've now found out I'd like to be an IT expert as they make such a lot of money.

An Evening With Roger Moore will tour around the UK until 17 November.

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