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Judi Dench reprises 'M' role in a bid to lower MPAA rating of 'Philomena'

07-Nov-2013 • Actor News

Judi Dench stars alongside Steve Coogan in 'Philomena'. The script is written by Coogan and directed by "The Queen" helmsman Stephen Frears. The film sees Dench as the title character, Philomena Lee, searching for her long lost daughter and Coogan plays world-weary journalist Martin Sixsmith who agrees to cover her phenominal story.

The film, released on 27 November 2013 in the USA has been rated R for some strong language. Specifically, two uses of the F-word. "Skyfall", Dench's final outing as Bond's stern boss used the word once and earned itself a PG-13 rating in the USA.

Now, in an attempt to get the MPAA to retract its R rating, and award a lower PG rating, Judi Dench and the Weinstein company have launched a campaign that they clearly hope to go viral. The first 20 seconds of which is available to watch now, with the promise of the whole clip available later.

In the clip, Judi dench plays an 'M' like character, saying 'Just when you thought I was dead,' and asks the audience, in a mock briefing, 'Are you familiar with MPAA?'

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