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Naomie Harris rumours more field work for Miss Moneypenny in Bond 24

24-Dec-2013 • Spectre (2015)

During the promotion of her latest project, the biopic 'Mandela' which had its UK premiere the same day as the famous leader died, actress Naomie Harris was inevitably quizzed about the next James Bond film - Bond 24.

For 'Skyfall', Harris went through nine months of fitness training and learned to stunt-drive and fire machine guns. But Skyfall ended with Eve Moneypenny becoming Bond’s secretary. Surely she’s not going to just be doing the filing in Bond 24?

"I’ve heard rumours that I’m going to be out in the field," she teases, "but I haven’t seen a script. Knowing Barbara [Broccoli, the producer], she’s all for women’s lib, isn’t she? She’s extraordinary; she’s completely reinvented the brand, yet kept so true to the essence of what people love about Bond. So I’m sure I won’t be just behind a desk. Or even if I’m behind the desk, there’ll be some twist."

Harris also revealed that she landed the Bond role when director Sam Mendes saw her perform in the role of Elizabeth during a production of Danny Boyle's "Frankenstein" at the National Theatre.

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