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EA announce official multiplayer details for `Everything or Nothing`

31-Jan-2004 • Gaming

EA have announced official details on the multiplayer features of "Everything or Nothing"

The game will feature 13 completely separate missions that you can play in 2-person co-op mode. An additional 4-person arena death mode will be available as an unlockable as well.

Playing as a team makes the game all the more exciting. You have to remember to stay out of your partner’s line of fire. You can cover each other: you snipe from a distance while your partner moves in from the other side. Coordinating your strategy is definitely required, since most missions can’t be accomplished alone.

Online Multiplayer

You can play in co-op mode online over a broadband connection on the Playstation® 2. All 13 co-op levels will be available to players online regardless of whether they have been unlocked offline or not. Players can choose to play through levels in any order. Online co-op will be available in North America.

The Online Experience

- Players can choose to be instantly matched up with a partner of comparable skill level, or they can search for a partner using a partner search tool.
- Players can keep a “buddy list” using EA’s Messenger service, and quickly find friends online.
- Online play will support a USB keyboard and headset for voice chat.
- Players can take advantage of a full-screen experience (as opposed to an offline split-screen co-op experience).

Game Modes

- Co-Op Race: Who is the fastest, most accurate agent in 007: Everything or Nothing history?Players are evaluated by how long it takes to get through the game. Time bonuses are incurred for “kills” along the way, and penalties are incurred for player “deaths”. Kill or be killed – but do it fast.
- Custom Mode: Set your own parameters for scoring: hand-to-hand, weapons, disarms, stealth, and penalties for player deaths. Each player has a separate score, and players can target and harm each other.


Statistics for players accumulated online during regular co-op and co-op race modes will be tracked and viewable from the online lobby and the official website, 007.ea.com. (Coming Soon)
General stats will be available for different levels played, including the following:
- number of kills
- player deaths
- accuracy
- efficiency
- # of games played
- ratio of kills to deaths.

Thanks to EA for the intel.

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