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'Casino Royale' reboot sparked the idea for upcoming 'The Secret Service' movie

11-Jan-2014 • Bond News

Comic book writer Mark Millar has spoken about the upcoming film adaptation of his graphic novel "The Secret Service", and how director Matthew Vaughn was tied to the Daniel Craig reboot of the James Bond franchise.

Millar said that "The Secret Service" project started back in 2008. "I remember Matthew [Vaughn] and I were in the pub around the time the first "Kick-Ass" movie filmed and just talking about films, as we do most days."

He continued, "He'd been talking to the Bond people about doing "Casino Royale" at one point, and we were both saying how it was weird that in a Bond reboot, an origin of sorts, they didn't really do Bond's origin. It's a brilliant movie and no harm intended, but we were both just saying it was a shame that the 00 status he's given in the opening wasn't maybe a first act or maybe even an entire movie and that conversation was really the genesis of the whole idea."

"The Secret Service" is set for release in North America on March 6, 2015. Vaughn and Millar are already keen on the idea of a sequel.

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