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Honor Blackman ranks Sean Connery as the top Bond

16-Jan-2014 • Bond News

Bond girl Honor Blackman, who played the iconic Pussy Galore in the 1964 James Bond film "Goldfinger", still rates Sean Connery as the top 007.

Blackman is currently touring the UK with a one-woman show about her career, and had this to say about the debate on Connery vs Craig as the best Bond:

"Daniel is a terrific actor but I don’t think anyone will be anything like Sean, they’re not allowed to be now. The Bond that Ian Fleming wrote, they are not allowed to be now. That Bond was suave, good looking. Sean played him perfectly because you believed that he would bed a woman and then calmly put a bullet through her head and then go and have a martini and not bother."

"Dan could do anything but he’s not allowed to any more. He has to care about his women – he has to fall in love and Bond never did anything so silly."

Questioned whether she fancied the role of M seeing that Judi Dench landed the previously all-male role, she said: "I’m rather sad I didn’t get a shot at M. I thought if you brought Pussy Galore back as M it would have been rather amusing."

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