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'Goldfinger' pre-titles echoes the exploits of a Dutch WWII spy

20-Feb-2014 • Bond News

One of the moments now epitomising 007's nonchalant, sophisticated approach to spying was said to be inspired by a dutch agent named Pieter Tazelaar. When 007 raids an unknown south American location at the beginning of "Goldfinger" he dodges their security by wearing a duck prop and when the coast is clear, unzips his wetsuit to reveal and perfectly tailored white tuxedo.

According to scholar Keith Jeffery, who has been writing a history of MI6, Tazelaar performed the same feat in order to contact the Dutch in 1940. He was dropped overboard at 4.35am on 23 November, made his way to the beach and unzipped his suit to reveal evening attire. He posed as a drunk party-goer, splashing booze on his person to complete the effect, and attempted to mingle.

According to the Daily Mail Jeffery was given unprecedented access to MI6 records to write the book up to the year 1949.

The book also reveals that some of 007's gadgets from Q-Branch are not so far-fetched as one might imagine. The gadgets MI6 attempted to develop include drugged cigarettes and a self-combusting safe to destroy secrets at the drop of a hat.

Thanks to `Jeroen Poldermans ` for the alert.

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