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Sir Sean Connery makes his case for an independent Scotland

04-Mar-2014 • Actor News

James Bond star Sir Sean Connery has made his case for the 'yes' vote on Scottish Independence in an article in today's New Statesman.

As Connery now resides in the Bahamas, he has no vote in the referendum despite campaigning for one for decades. The vote is limited to current residents of Scotland only. Connery once said he would only return to his homeland if it broke off from the UK.

Connery centres his argument around the arts and how an independent Scotland would attract more business: "Having been on this journey to independence for more than 50 years, it seems to me that the arguments have been kicked about like a bladder on a beach. But as the 18 September approaches and, one by one, the scare stories are burst, a new sense of opportunity and hope for the future is now in sight. Scotland has an opportunity to make a step change. More than anything else, culture defines a country. It provides international visibility and stimulates global interest more than a nation’s politics, business or economy ever can. So, with our colourful history, strong identity, deep-rooted traditions, a commitment to artistic innovation and diverse and beautiful landscapes, Scotland is truly blessed."

He concludes: "Having researched the numbers, it is clear that there are huge economic benefits to be gained as well as cultural ones. Scotland’s creative industries generated £2.8bn for the country’s economy in 2011. The historic environment brought in over £2bn, supporting 60,000 jobs. These are impressive numbers. With independence, they can be more impressive still. I fully respect that the choice facing Scotland on 18 September is a matter for the people who choose to work and live there – that is only right and proper. But as a Scot and as someone with a lifelong love for both Scotland and the arts, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss. Simply put – there is no more creative an act than creating a new nation."

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