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Rumours suggest that MGM want Adele back for Bond 24

10-Mar-2014 • Spectre (2015)

The hit artist who sung the title song to "Skyfall" is purportedly being wooed by the studio executives at MGM for a second consecutive performance. The Oscar-winning title song for Bond 24 was composed in the style of a Shirley Bassey 007 classic. Now the tabloids are reporting that Adele has been approached to perform the song, despite pre-production only just beginning.

''The chiefs here have made their feelings known to Adele that they want her back for the next film," an insider at MGM has been quoted to say.

''Daniel has also made it clear he loved Adele and wants her back but she has not responded, which is making them sweat.''

If she accepts the proposition, Adele will be the second title song artist to perform more than one vocal title song. Bassey, having performed three: "Goldfinger", "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Moonraker". Adele would be the first to perform the themes for back-to-back films.

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