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Sam Mendes' 25 rules for directors

16-Mar-2014 • Bond News

Director Sam Mendes, who helmed the record-breaking James Bond film "Skyfall" in 2012, and will direct it's follow up 'Bond 24' at the end of this year, has given his 25 Rules for Directors to Vanity Fair magazine.

The Roundabout Theatre Company honored Sam Mendes at their spring gala last week. After reviewing his career highlights in depth, the British Academy Award winner said, “If there are any directors out there in the audience, or anyone who’s interested in directing, I’ve written 25 steps towards becoming a happier director. These are them:"

1. Always choose good collaborators. It seems so obvious, but the best collaborators are the ones who disagree with you. It means they’re passionate, they have opinions, and they’ll only ever say yes if they mean it.

2. Try to learn how to make the familiar strange, and the strange familiar. Direct Shakespeare like it’s a new play, and treat every new play as if it’s Shakespeare.

3. If you have the chance, please work with Dame Judi Dench.


23. On screen, your hero can blow away 500 bad guys, but if he smokes one fucking cigarette, you’re in deep shit.

Click here to read all 25.

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