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James Bond role was the 'gift that keeps on giving' for Pierce Brosnan

07-Apr-2014 • Actor News

Discussing his new film, "A Long Way Down", based on the novel by Nick Hornby, Pierce Brosnan was inevitably quizzed about his time as 007.

"James Bond was a great gift in my life. I had great success with the role and it’s a gift that keeps on giving in many respects," says the actor. "It’s a small group of men who have played the role, and now it’s my time to do interesting work and embrace all the unexpected surprises that come my way and really, just play."

To that end, the Bond star is playing obnoxious and media-savvy Martin Sharp in the new film. A role he says is a fun one. "I loved his more obnoxious sides because it’s part of his media personality... He’s a bit of a pr*ck, really – which appeals to me. Can you get away with it? Can you have a character like this who’s somewhat alienated from society? And the answer was, yeah, I think we can do this, I think we can make him likeable. The flaws of this kind of character were wonderful to play."

He adds of the new character: "I loved the part of Martin, he made me laugh. There was a kind of sadness to him, but I did like the comedic side to him – he’s Sharp by name but not the sharpest knife in the drawer!"

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