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`Everything or Nothing` suffers another set back, UK and European shipping dates slip an extra week

10-Feb-2004 • Gaming

007 gamers may feel a sense of deja vu, as the latest Bond digital adventure "Everything or Nothing" as suffered yet another set back.

The UK & European release has been slumped back another 7 days, with a target shipping date now delayed from February 20th 2004 until February 27th 2004.

On the 12th January 2004 EA confirmed the game will slip it`s planned release in the USA, by the same 7 days. North American gamers will now have to wait until February 17th 2003. Japanese and Australian releases are unaffected by this latest delay.

Shipping Dates

USA: February 17th 2004
UK & Europe: February 27th 2004
Japan: February 11th 2004
Australia: February 23rd 2004
Add two days for "in store" dates.

Click here to pre-order "Everything or Nothing" and save, plus the full history of the game release dates and delays.

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